Welcome to
Stal Prinsenburg!

Stal prinsenburg is a luxuriance stable complex, it is beautifully located in the middle of the “Goois Natuurreservaat”. For both competition and recreation riders we have all the high quality facilities you need! Such as: a large indoor arena, a lighted outdoor arena, an outdoor jumping arena (also lighted), a horse walker, lunging circle, meadow/grazing in summer and of course bright and comfortable stables.

If you want to go out you have direct access to the forest, containing more than 70km of bridle paths. Also there are extensive possibilities to be personally and professionally guided/trained in diverse disciplines.

We have 20 hectare grassland, who we provide for the horses, but where we also produce our own hay. This hay will be used at our stable, so your horse get the best hay. We also will donate a part of the hay to a horse retirement stable.

Throughout the year loads of events and competitions are organized at Stal Prinsenburg. In our cozy restaurant we have a daily changing menu, by the fire place you can enjoy your freshly prepared dishes. In short, if you want to enjoy your horse and the sport in a relaxed atmosphere, you came to the right place! Feel free to take come visit us to have a look at our stables and explore your possibilities!

We hope to see you soon at our stables!

We hope you enjoy visiting our website. For more information and/or questions feel free to contact us:
035-5772455 of info@stalprinsenburg.nl