Rules for participating in competitions:

  1. Participants of competitions are able to sign up once the competition is put on
  2. Customers of Stal Prinsenburg have priority when signing up for competitions
  3. After receiving your online registration, one will be notified whether participating is possible or whether one is put on the list of spares
  4. The registration is valid after receiving a digital registration form of the KNHS.
  5. Reporting changes can be done at tell: 00643556862 or through email
  6. One is able to unregister for free up until the Sunday before the competition. If this is done later, one is required to pay the entry fee.
  7. The provisional starting list will be published approximately one week prior to the competitions on The Saturday prior to the competition the list is permanent, before then changes can still be made.


Stal Prinsenburg
Utrechtseweg 269






KNHS dressage competitions for horses

  • 27-3 KNHS Dressage B t/m M2
  • 17-4 KNHS Dressage B t/m ZZL
  • 26-6 KNHS Dressage B t/m ZZL
  • 21-8 KNHS Dressage B t/m ZZL
  • 04-9 KNHS Dressage B t/m ZZL